Current routing protocols used in the Internet lack characteristics for QoS provisioning to support emerging new services. All traffic between two endpoints is forwarded on the same path, even if there are other alternative paths with more interesting properties for the requirements of a specific flow or traffic class. Quality of Service routing poses several challenges that must be addressed to enable the support of advanced services in the Internet, both at intra and inter-domain levels. The challenges of QoS routing are related to the distribution of routing information and to path selection and setup through the network. Extensive research has been carried out on QoS routing in the past few years. New frontiers are opening up to QoS routing such as the introduction of QoS routing in ad-hoc, wireless multi-hop, sensor and self organized networks, in content delivery networks and in optical technologies.

The purpose of this workshop is to summarize current research in QoS routing and to point out new research directions. Research papers describing experimental and theoretical studies related to QoS routing are especially welcome. Therefore, authors are invited to submit work on issues related to, but not limited by, the following list of topics:

· Algorithms for path selection
· QoS routing dynamics (topology update rules, load balancing)
· New ideas, new mathematical theories, novel concepts for QoS routing
· Robustness, reliability, and scalability of QoS routing
· Hierarchical QoS routing: intra- and inter-domain routing architectures
· QoS routing in muli-hop wireless, mobile, and ad-hoc networks
· QoS routing in optical networks
· Multicast QoS routing

Co-located with the Fifth International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services (QofIS’04)

     Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
     Jordi Girona, 1-3, Mòdul D6 (Campus Nord)
         08034 Barcelona
         Catalunya, Spain