Directions for preparing the camera-ready version

Revising the paper

Please revise your paper taking the referees' comments into account, towards improving the overall quality of the paper and minimizing the presence of ambiguities therein.

Putting the paper into camera-ready format

Please prepare the camera-ready version of your paper according to the detailed instructions for authors you can find at: Information for LNCS Authors

Two type of files must be provided, namely 'source' files and 'hardcopy' files.

As a general rule, the 'source' files must be self-contained and sufficient to allow reproduction of hardcopy on a standard system. This implies that custom macros, non-standard templates, figure-specification files, non-standard font definition files, or other such material must be included in the 'source' package. Furthermore, source files must be set-up in a way that allows proper linkage between all components without the need for any prior configuration operations on the target computer.

The electronic 'hardcopy' file is particularly important in connection wit item 4 below. The PDF (or postscript) file must be fully displayable/printable on a standard system with English language support. Therefore, it must be guaranteed that this file does not rely on any pre-installed special files (non-standard font files, in particular).

Page limitation

Due to a limitation on the total number of pages in the proceedings your camera-ready paper should not exceed a length of 10 pages, when formatted according to the camera-ready standard. Violation of this limit will prohibit the inclusion of the paper's entirety in the proceedings. In view of this, and given that there will be no time for re-adjustments towards compliance, it is of *paramount importance* that the page limit be respected.

What to submit and where

All required electronic files previously described in Section 2 will have to be submitted to the EDAS system. In the main body of the acceptance notification mail you should have received the URL where to do the submission. Please check it and in case of any doubt contact Xavier Masip at

Besides the electronic files, the publisher also requires a single-sided printout of the final (camera-ready) version of your contribution. Normally, you would have to send me this hardcopy by regular mail. However, since the deadline for submission of material is tight, we will print this hardcopy for you in our premises, using the electronic pdf version that you will submit to the website. Given this arrangement, the already highlighted (Section 2) requirement for a pdf file that can be printed on a standard system becomes even more important.

The camera-ready version of your paper and all supporting material (as explained in this Section), must be provided no later than next JULY 25th. Note that, due to stringent time-constraints imposed by the publisher, this is an absolutely HARD deadline that needs to be strictly adhered to.

Signed copyright form

The publisher requires that you submit a signed copyright form. So, please…

1. Download the form from the publisher's website. You will find out it in the same page indicated for checking the instructions for authors, i. e., at: Information for LNCS Authors

2. Fill it in and sign it (the contact author's signature, on behalf of all co-authors, suffices).

3. Send it by fax at your earliest convenience to Xavier Masip. (Fax number: +34 93 896 7700) Please accompany the form with a cover page, mentioning that the fax relates to the 'Copyright Form for QofIS 2004, and include the identification number of your paper.

Best Ph.D. paper award

QofIS has well established rules for selection of the Ph.D. best paper: Candidate papers are reviewed as regular submissions, but to apply to this award, each candidate paper has to supply with a letter signed by all co-authors and certifying that the major author is a Ph.D. student (the aspirant to the award).

All Ph.D. students applying to this award has send this letter, first by fax to Xavier Masip (Fax number: +34 93 896 7700), and then bring the original with them when attending to the conference to be delivered at the conference desk.

Registration for QofIS 2004

Please, note that inclusion of the paper to the program and the proceedings requires that at least one of the paper's authors will attend the conference prepared to present the work to the delegates. Therefore at least one of the authors must be registered before July 25th. For registering, please visit the registration page of the QofIS'04 web site at